CamSwitcherPro is a powerful camera software. It is perfect for the Nugens conference cameras. You can use it to preview, edit settings, annotation, screen recording or even video recording and live streaming.

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Powerful and Complete

CamSwitcher Pro has 12 powerful functions: Screen Recording, Snapshot, Burst Shooting, Video Recording, Live Stream, Focus, Rotate, Zoom-In & Out, Freeze Live Image, Contrast, Annotating, Whiteboard. No matter you are using it for education, business, or entertainment, you can enjoy the convenience and the user-friendly functions with high-definition images and videos.



1 Camera

Choose your camera, Virtual Camera, Resolution, Share Screen, File Location and Advanced Image Settings

Choose your camera
1-1 Choose your camera

select your preferred device.

Virtual Camera
1-2 Virtual Camera

launch this function and select “CamSwitcher Virtual Cam” in other conferencing software like ZOOM Meeting to use the functions like Annotation, Snapshots, and other functions from CamSwitcher Pro.

1-3 Resolution

select your preferred resolution based on your PC performance.

1-4 PTZ Control

Able to pan, tile, optical zoom, auto or manual focus, set and recall presets.

Cloud Backup
Share Screen
1-5 Share Screen

share your screen to other conferencing software. Plus, using the Screen Recording function to record your screen at the same time.

File Location
1-6 File Location

easily manage your images and videos.

Cloud Backup
1-7 Cloud Backup

Make a copy of the image or the video to appointed cloud folder – to share files in a quick and easy way.

Cloud Backup
Advanced Image Settings
1-8 Advanced Image Settings

adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness.

2 Focus

click to focus again when Autofocus function is not working properly.

3 Rotate

Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Mirror Horizontal and Mirror Vertical

Rotate Left
3-1 Rotate Left

rotate 90 degrees left

Rotate Right
3-2 Rotate Right

rotate 90 degrees right

Mirror Horizontal
3-3 Mirror Horizontal

mirror left-right direction (180 degrees)

Mirror Vertical
3-4 Mirror Vertical

mirror up-down direction (180 degrees)

4 Zoom

Zoom and Magnify

4-1 Zoom

Zoom in up to 6X

4-2 Magnify

Magnify a specific area of the screen

5 Snapshot

you may find the file location in [Documents/Nugens/Image]

5-1 Screenshot Selected Area

Drag and pull to resize the capture area

Click this button to switch to ID scan mode.
5-2 Burst Shooting

Select the interval and timer to take pictures continuously

Burst Shooting Setting
5-3 QR Code Recognition

Scan QR code and open the link with browser

Freeze Live Image
6 Freeze Live Image

freeze the current live image to change the object or person, after that click the same button to unfreeze it. This function avoids messy movements the viewers can have better screen experience.

Split Screen Comparison
7 Split Screen Comparison

Print Screen and Open File

Print Screen
7-1 Print Screen

capture the current picture as a static picture, it will be placed on the right side of the window, while the real-time image will be displayed on the left side, which you can compare the left and right pictures.

Open File
7-2 Open File

open an image and it will be placed on the right side of the window, whole the real-time image will be displayed on the left side, which you can compare the left and right pictures.

8 Record

Burst Shooting, Record and Live Stream

8-1 Record

record a video with current camera or connect a 2nd camera to use the Picture-in-Picture function to record a video. You can choose to record the Annotation as well or not to.

Record Setting
Live Stream
8-2 Live Stream

support RTMP URL, you may live on YouTube or Facebook to live streaming via CamSwitcher Pro. You can choose to live the Annotation as well or not to.

Live Stream setting
8-3 Screen Recorder:

可You can record a specific window and choose to record the audio from the mic or the audio that play by the PC.

Screen Recorder Setting

After start recording, you may click the button to change the capture window.

9 Annotate

Insert Text/Image, Whiteboard, Blackboard and Pen Settings

Insert Text/Image
9-1 Insert Text/Image
Insert Text

Insert Text

Insert Image

Insert Image

9-2 Whiteboard

open Whiteboard function.

9-3 Blackboard

open Blackboard function.

Pen Settings
9-4 Pen Settings

Annotation functions like Pen, Highlighter, Magic Pen, Eraser, Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, Erase All, Exit.

Style Setting
9-4-1 Pen

annotate with Pen, choose color and size.

Style Setting
9-4-2 Highlighter

annotate with Highlighter, choose color and size.

Style Setting
Magic Pen
9-4-3 Magic Pen

Magic Pen aka 3-Sec Magic Pen – the annotation will automatically disappear after 3 seconds, you may adjust the colour and size in the settings.

Style Setting
9-4-4 Eraser

erase annotations and adjust the eraser size.

Style Setting
9-4-5 Rectangle

use rectangle to specific an area, you may drag & drop it with left click.

9-4-6 Circle

use circle to specific an area, you may drag & drop it with left click.

9-4-7 Arrow

use arrow to point-out an area, you may drag & drop it with left click.

Erase All
9-4-8 Erase All

remove all annotations with one click.

9-4-9 Exit

close the Annotation Toolbar

Hot Key

Snapshot Ctrl+Shift+C
Open File Location Alt+F
Video Recording Pause: F8 | Continue: F9 | Stop: F10
Annotate with Pen Alt+D
Rotate Left
Rotate Right
Zoom in
Zoom out
Full screen Alt+Enter
Exit Full Screen Esc

System Requirement

Operating System Windows 10 64 bit or Mac OS 10.X and above.
CPU Intel Core i3/i5/i7 1.8G or above.
RAM 8GB or above.
Hard Disk Drive at least 250MB; for video recording, the memory needs at least 1GB and above.
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 6000 or above.

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